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Stone tiles are quarried and cut and then refined in a variety surface finishes. They carry the inherent qualities of the stone they are produced from - marble, granite limestone, travertine etc. Colors will vary greatly and cracks, fissures and discolorations are common but add to the natural beauty of the piece. Stone tiles are porous and need to be sealed and cared for properly. The price of stone is not directly related to quality, it is related to availability. The best way to choose stone tile is to take a sampling of the product and lay it out to see the individually unique characteristics of what you are getting. Stone tiles are produced in a variety of finishes. Read below for the most commonly encountered types of finishes:


A mirror-like, glossy surface that brings out the color and character of the stone to its fullest, because it optimally reflects the light.


A velvety smooth surface with little or no gloss. The degree of honing depends on the stone, but may vary from light to heavy.


A weathered, aging finish achieved when the stone is tumbled with sand, pebbles, or steel bearings. Tumbled stone may present chipped edges and imperfections created by the tumbling process. These characteristics give the stone more of a worn, old look.


A finish that replicates rustic or distressed textures. This finish tries to replicate the naturally occurring effects of the aging process. There are many ways to distress stone surface: flaming, bush-hammer treatment and others.

Stone tiles may be produced from a variety of stone. Go to the links below to learn about the characteristic features of the different natural stone types. You will understand you stone tiles better.

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· Travertine Tiles

· Onyx Tiles


MGSI stocks a full range of natural stone tiles in a variety in finishes and sizes. The tiles listed on this website are mostly readily available in MGSI's warehouse in Niles Illinois. If you requite a particular type of stone, finish or tile size, not readily available in stock, MGSI will be happy to custom order it for you. MGSI stocks of the following types of tiles in polished, honed and antique finishes.

Browse through the Stone Tile Catalogue below or search for a specific item by name. You may filter catalogue by color of finish.

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