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Laminam is a practical furnishing solution that also offers excellent technical properties and an attractive style.

Laminam is a revolutionary, 100% Italian-made, large-size, minimum-thickness ceramic slab created using cutting-edge technologies. It is a large surface:1620x3240mm of pure porcelain stoneware compacted into a thickness of just12mm. What makes it so revolutionary is its excellent resistance and sophisticated style. It is a real architectural skin, adapting to a huge variety of applications, allowing you to create pleasing, harmoneous settings.

BATHROOM: Laminam ceramic slabs are naturally hygienic, require little maintenance and are resistant to chemicals.

KITCHEN: An ideal surface for contact with food: perfect as a worktop, because it is resistant to heat, fire and stains, including oil, wine and lemon, and cannot be scratched by knives.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most delicate areas of the home, where hygene is the most important. With Laminam, cleaning is both easy and effective. After chopping, kneading and soiling, all it takes is a sponge, hot water and mild detergent to restore Laminam to its characteristic splendor. Even the most stubborn stains can be removed with non-abrasive detergents.

OFFICE: Long-lasting and with excellent resistance to external stress, the slabs are ideal for office tables and other furniture.

When we're busy, we need a stable work surface. Laminam is highly resistant: no sharp objects can ruin the surface and the heavy objects have no impact on the material either.

Laminam does not suffer wear and tear and its properties remain intact over the years. 

INDOORS & OUTDOORS: The colors remain unaltered upon exposure to sunlight, and the material does not absorb humidity. Its strength and durability when exposed to natural elements makes it perfect solution for outdoors applications.




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