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Travertine is a light-colored limestone. It is a calcium carbonate rock deposited around lime-rich springsand lakes. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals,giving it its banded appearance. Its natural pits and holes, made by bubbles in the hot springs where it was formed, lend it a distinctive character. The holes are normally filled with synthetic resins or cements for easier maintenance, and add to the stone's unique character. Travertine is generally used for floors, walls and for outside as cladding and pavement.

Although Travertine is generally filled with grout before it is honed or polished, unfilled travertine is also quite beautiful, and is often seen as exterior surfaces of buildings. 

The stone is soft and delicate to look at. It breathes spaciousness. It's relaxed and soothing. The feeling is peaceful, tranquil, serene. It's a simple beauty. A casual formalness.
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