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The schists form a group of medium-grade metamorphic rocks, chiefly notable for the preponderance of lamellar minerals such as micas, chlorite, talc, hornblende, graphite, and others. Quartz often occurs in drawn-out grains to such an extent that a particular form called quartz schist is produced. By definition, schist contains more than 50% platy and elongated minerals, often finely interleaved with quartz and feldspar.

The individual mineral grains in schist, drawn out into flaky scales by heat and pressure, can be seen by the naked eye. More about schist


 Slate is an exotic and unique natural stone. It's stately, sturdy, and durable. This earthy stone exudes warmth. The character of slate stone allows it to fit into a traditional design with an informal time worn look. A real classic old world feel. More about slate


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