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Quartzite is a quartz-rich sandstone that has been metamorphosed. It is a very hard and solid stone and when polished has high gloss marble-like appearance. Among other characteristics Quartzite is known for its hardness and great durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and immense beauty. While some quartzites are very dense and resistant to water absorption, others are very porous and require the application of heavy-duty sealer, to protect its surface against water absorption and staining.

Quartzites consist of sand grains with inter-granular silica (i.e., quartz) cement.  Although the term quartzite is widely used as the name for metamorphosed sandstones, some geologists sometimes call silica-cemented sandstones either sedimentary quartzites or orthoquartzites, and distinguish them from metamorphosed sandstones by using the terms metamorphic quartzites or metaquartzites.  Whatever, both have been used as gemrocks.

There are many choices in quartzite color tones. There are creamy neutrals and warm subtle earth tones, where the colors are soft and earthy.

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