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White Marble is an exquisite natural stone which is an embodiment of real beauty. Its intricate veining and patterns add a unique appeal to any surface it is used for. Its solid look and luxuriousness transforms any room into a sophisticated want-to-be-in space. The timeless beauty of white marble imparts a bold statement to your living space.

White marble is classic and chic natural stone that makes your interiors appear soft, fresh and spacious. White marble is widely used for floors, walls, sink tops, kitchen countertops, outdoors, garden benches, patios, swimming pools, and even on roof tops. If you are looking for durable and elegant home interiors, white marble is an excellent choice because its warm, classic look is unparalleled to other stones and color ranges.

There are different types of white marble that exist around the world, each carrying different veins and patterns and color tones. These include Calacatta, Carrara, Statuario, Thassos, Afyon and many others that give timeless and stunning appearance to your kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces. The origins of white marble trace back to Italy about 200 years ago. The white marble industry has become part of the Italian culture; white marble was greatly used for architecture, art, countertops, window sills, door jams and curbs. The Apuane mountain range, reaching approximately 6,500 feet, is rich in the famous Carrara marble which has been used over the years for its beauty and style.

Each type of white marble has its own special qualities and is graded for attributes like the whiteness of the background and the color and movement of the veins.

MGSI prides itself on its wide and versatile collection of imported and local white marbles. View our collection below.





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